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Blue Cod with Thai Pāua fritters with lime leaf and caper tartare sauce

 Gluten Free. Serves 4 This dish is inspired by the Moana New Zealand Blue Cod and Minced Pāua Bundle. Being able to order sustainably farmed minced pāua is a dream come true. And knowing the blue cod on your plate was caught with care in our pristine waters is also pretty dreamy.   THE FRITTERS 200 g Moana minced pāua Half a small red onion finely diced Squeeze of lime or lemon juice ¼ c almond meal Large handful fresh coriander, chopped finely 4 lime leaves, stem removed, chopped finely 2 eggs 1-inch fresh lemongrass finely sliced Salt to taste THE BLUE COD 500 g Moana blue cod ½ c fine yellow cornmeal 1 T smoked paprika Salt to taste 2 T...

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Click here to browse Seafood New Zealand's recipe collection Seafood New Zealand works closely with the seafood industry primarily through five sector-specific entities: Aquaculture New Zealand, Deepwater Group, Fisheries Inshore NZ, NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council, Paua Industry Council. 

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Pan fried Blue Cod, proscuitto and gherkin bites with white anchovy remoulade

Pan frying delicate blue cod in prosciutto creates a succulent crunch. What do you get when you pair that with crispy gherkin and creamy white anchovy remoulade all parcelled up neatly in a witlof leaf and dusted with smoked paprika flakes? The most delicious and easy to eat canapé ever. THE BITES THE REMOULADE 500 g Moana blue cod200 g Woody’s free range prosciutto6 plump gherkins cut into 6 sticks2 T olive oil 8 Talatta White Anchovies mashed½ c good mayonnaiseLarge handful fresh oregano chopped finelyHalf a small red onion diced very finelySqueeze of lemon juice  TO SERVE 3 whole white witlof (Endive)Sabato’s famous Pons Smoked Paprika FlakesSalt flakes Cut fish into 36 lengths slightly larger than the width of...

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Crayfish tails in chimichurri butter with a smoked paprika and chilli glaze

Nothing says Christmas like a juicy crayfish tail and glass of bubbles. These crayfish tails are a very special gift from the sea and this recipe is a super quick, easy and delicious way to honour them. We will deliver these kōura tails straight to your door! They’re so fresh they taste like you might have caught them yourself! THE CRAYFISH 2 Moana crayfish tails50 g butter1 T extra virgin olive oil1 large shallot, finely diced2 cloves garlic, minced1 fresh red chilli, finely sliced or more if you like it hot5 large mint leaves, chopped finelySmall handful of coriander, chopped finelySmall handful fresh oregano, chopped finely¼ c sherry vinegarSalt to taste THE GLAZE 2 T sweet chilli sauce½ t smoked paprikaSqueeze of...

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